What do you love most
about Horse Riding?

Do you love horse riding? I sure do! If you are as passionate about horses as I am, you'd probably find it hard to name the one thing you love the most.

At first you might think, "sure that's an easy one!" But is it really?

Could it be the smell? When you walk through the yard after you have been away and think to yourself "I've missed that!"

happy horse riding

Is it that your horse has a unique marking, or maybe the feeling you get while on a long ride in the country?

It could even be eating that chocolate cake after a fall.

It's funny how many of our "loves" are seen as strange, to non-horsey people…

I don't have one love about riding, I literally have hundreds! It is what makes me so passionate and open, when talking about these beautiful animals.

I have been living and breathing them since I was a young child and I feel as if it is in my blood. It defines me as a person. Does it define you?

The joys of riding are endless! They make for great stories to share with anyone.

Horse riding is not only a one of a kind sport, but also a one of a kind friendship. It creates a bond that can last a lifetime!

Throughout my years of riding, I always had questions when nobody was around to answer them.

So I created "Happy Horse Riding" to help anybody looking for answers, just like I was.

If you are ever looking for information that is not already on here, please feel free to contact me! It would be my pleasure to help you!

happy horse riding

Information on Horses

  • All the latest and greatest horse goodies. Including new and used saddles, equestrian boots and fashionable trousers.
  • General horse care and grooming information, everything from trimming hooves to show preparation.
  • Interesting Horse Breeds. From the most common, to ones that you have never heard of before.
  • Horse nutrition. What you put in, is what you get out.
  • Horse names. Looking for a unique name for your horse? You'll find 1000's here!
  • And much much more!


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